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How to Display an interactive Geo Maps in WordPress blog

How to Display an interactive Geo Maps in WordPress Blog

In the past few years, when the usage of maps become a necessity for everyone, especially to businesses, it became challenging to incorporate them on websites. A lot of applications were invented and launched to cater to such business requirements. However, the challenge for websites remained the same.
Adding a vector map to a WordPress site was a tedious job. The complicated approach to edit vector files, installing Javascript libraries, and using APIs make it challenging to incorporate the maps on the website.
However, there were a lot of map plugins available, but none of them was proven good enough to solve the purpose of maps efficiently. Most of the plugins require a lot of customization and configuration and API connection.
After the launch of the Interactive Geo Map plugin, the situation is now changed. This free plugin has excellent features that can do the job of vector mapping beautifully. Right from creating a subdivision map to a specific country map, you can show all the granularity level of information with the help of this plugin. The best part of this plugin is, you don’t need any additional scripts or API to do the job.

You can add tooltips to your map that can make your map easy to understand. You can also customize the appearance as per your requirements. You can even make the regions clickable by adding the URL to it.

Want to Display an interactive Geo Maps in Your WordPress Blog

If you want to learn about how to display a responsive vector map in WordPress, here are the high-level steps to create a map:


Step 01

Begin with installing the plugin. To do so, first, log in to the admin panel. In the left pane of your WordPress dashboard, go to plugins. It will pop-up three different options. Click the ‘Add New’ link. This will open the plugin page where you can see a lot of new and trending options.

Step 02

You can search the plugin of your choice either by scrolling down or by search option. In the top right corner of your screen, you can see a search bar. Type ‘Interactive Geo Maps’ and hit enter. Go to the first result displayed on your screen and click the ‘Install Now’ button. Once the plugin installation is completed, you can see a button ‘Active’ instead of ‘Install Now’. To activate the ‘Interactive Geo Map’ click the ‘Active’ button.

Step 03

Once you are done with the installation, you can start using the plugin. To create a new vector map you need to choose a map first, then you need to define the regions, and when all the edits are done, you can publish the map.

Want to Display an interactive Geo Maps in Your WordPress Blog


Using Interactive Geo Maps Plugin

Step 01

Go back to your dashboards home page. Observe a new ‘Maps’ button is now available at the left pane. Click ‘Maps’. It will open a list with multiple options. Click ‘Add New’. This will open a new woking pane on your screen where you can see a section for ‘Map title’ at the top, in the middle, you can see a world map with the title ‘Map preview’ which will reflect information once you add them in the required sections.

Step 02

Scroll down to the ‘Map Settings’ section of this page. Go to ‘Map to display’ and from drop-down select the best-suited answer to your requirement. If you want to change the look and feel of your map, you can adjust the setting in the projection section.

Step 03

Under the visual settings tab, you can adjust the background colors, borders, map width, and font family.

Step 04

If you want to add interactivity to the map, you can do so under the ‘Regions’ section. To start, click the ‘Regions’ tab, you can see the default values are filled under each section. Now, leave everything as is and go to ‘Click Action’. From the drop-down, select ‘Open URL’. Now, include or exclude the default values.

Step 05

Once you are done editing your preferences, you can make the map visible on your site. To do so, you can copy the map shortcode and post it to where you want the map to appear.
You can follow these high-level steps to install and use the responsive vector map plugin in WordPress.

Want to Display an interactive Geo Maps in Your WordPress Blog

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