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How to Insert a Graph or Charts in your blog

Do you need to include bars and outlines in WordPress?

Visual guides like diagrams, bars, pie outline, and others are an ideal method to include information wonderfully with your substance. In this article, we will tell you the best way to make bars and outlines in WordPress with

Visualizer WordPress Charts and Graphs module.

5 Free and Effective WordPress Charts and Graphs Plugins :

How to Insert a Graph or Charts in your blog
  1. wpDataTables
  2. WordPress Charts and Graphs Lite
  3. WordPress Charts
  4. Interactive Maps, Charts, Graphs
  5. UberChart

Create Beautiful WordPress Charts and Graphs

Step 1: Install and Activate the WordPress Charts and Graphs Lite Plugin



Stage 2: Go to the Visualizer Library and Add a New Graph

After install and activated the plugin has to media visualization library. here are some pie nad charts you can build pie line geo bar column gauge ….click on add new then choose your preferred chart type on the next screen then click next, for example, I will select scatter chart. here is the preview along with all necessary settings in the right sidebar


Step 3: Import Data into the WordPress Chart

you can choose to import data from a file URL or other charts as well -if you are unsure about how to format data then plz look at this example or you can edit your data and insert more info as well.

reupload file here then click to import data -you can see them instantly in the preview-

Step 4: Customize Your WordPress Chart

access the advanced setting to set a title for your chart choose font family- and size position and alignment along with the font color and some tooltip settings -the horizontal axis settings consist of6 option you can set as you wish, the axis title is what you see in the footer of your chart. change the text position and you can see in the numbers on the left side of your chart moving -when you toggle through option-set the direction n set the color -n final step here is where you can enter format pattern to apply to horizontal axis labels using the information below

Step 5: shoe off your chart and integrated into the page

Click on the saved chart then copy the shortcode generated in the bottom left corner for that particular chart and create a new page and paste the shortcode in the text editor and let’s see it in action now


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