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How To Integrate WordPress latest blog with Core PHP Site?

There are Five simple way That will allowed you to Integrate WordPress latest blog with Core PHP Site.


      • Create an menu in your current site with the name “Blog”, And pass the user like<a href=”/blog”>Blog</a>. Create a blog folder in your directory.https://www.stumari.co/how-to-integrate-wordpress-latest-blog-with-core-php-site/
      • Install WordPress in that blog folder, After installing remove the all un-necessary files and media which you are not using.https://www.stumari.co/how-to-integrate-wordpress-latest-blog-with-core-php-site/Contact Us, We can Integrate your WP Blog.
      • Search compatible theme related your existing (core php) site: This means that you have to find a theme that will work like your current site which is in core php. Check out the header and footer part.
        • Go in the root folder, make a copy of your “header.php” like wp-header.phphttps://www.stumari.co/how-to-integrate-wordpress-latest-blog-with-core-php-site/
        • Same for the footer, Create a wp-footer.php in the your root folder under the include.https://www.stumari.co/how-to-integrate-wordpress-latest-blog-with-core-php-site/


    • Call your header-wp.php file in the child theme header.php <?php include ‘../includes/header-wp.php’; echo ‘</header>’ ?>
    • Call your footer-wp.php file in the child theme footer.php <?php include ‘../includes/footer-wp.php’; echo ‘</footer>’ ?>
    • Update the permalink and test it. Done.

Contact Us, We can Integrate your WP Blog.