The Window Wall Office

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The Window Wall Office has as its name suggests a full wall of floor to ceiling windows and overlooks city hall and a sculpture next to the Peoria Civic Center.

Peoria Office for Rent

Here is the perfect space for creating an online business.  This space is perfect for:

  • lawyers
  • web design professionals
  • AV professionals
  • online businesses
  • YouTubers

Peoria offices for rent.

We’ve built our own online businesses that have given us the freedom to work from anywhere that has the right setup.  And we have that set up for you.  You get:

  • All utilities included
  • Fiber Internet
  • free WiFi
  • the Best fresh roasted coffee in the state
  • microgreen farm
  • YouTube Studio access
  • consulting on SEO & YouTube
  • private bathrooms
  • discounts on web & SEO development

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